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Updating superMicro CMS

Updating superMicro CMS is simple. Follow these instructions:

Backup before updating

Backup existing pages, comments and images before updating. If your server supports ZIP archiving, admin backup provides a utility to ZIP the files for download to your hard drive. Otherwise they can be backed up by downloading them via FTP.

(1) Download

Unzip the download ZIP file supermicrocms.zip to your hard drive.

(2) Logout

If you haven't already, logout of admin.

(3) Upload

Upload all the files inside all the folders. Do not upload any folders that already exist, just the files. If an update contains a folder that does not already exist, then upload it.

Upload all the files located directly in the root folder.

If you have manually edited any of the inc/languages/ files or any of, for example, extra-content.php, extra-head.php or tracking.php, don't simply upload the new ones. If you have edited a file, don't upload the new version until you've transferred your edits to the new file.

(4) Re-install and setup

Go to https://www.yourwebsite.com/admin/install.php and follow the same process as (i) the original installation and (ii) setup. You don't need to change the password (unless you want to) and won't lose any content, but backup first anyway.

Then go to https://www.yourwebsite.com/admin/index.php (pages) and in 'Styles:' select 'Default styles' then 'Get styles' / 'Update styles'.


If you are updating the previous system (la.plume Micro CMS) you will also need to make a few other changes. Information here ».

Information »

Page last modified: 05 January, 2021