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The stylesheets (V3.1 and earlier)

Stylesheets for Version 3.2 »

This is not as complicated as it might seem. It's actually very simple! Just leave everything as it is. Or you can modify styles or switch themes, in which case read on.

Minification of CSS files

Note: the only difference between minified and unminified is that minified has extraneous whitespace removed, some rules compressed, and explanatory comments purged from the stylesheet. This gives you a much smaller CSS file for production use. The idea is to edit the unminified version then minify it as the smaller active file. I use CSS Compressor but there are many others.

For info

supermicro CMS is initially installed with eleven stylesheets (not all active):

When the system is first set up in 'setup' two more are created:

The active stylesheets are always (i) normalizer.css, (ii) stylesheet.css, (iii) mobile.css, (iv) slides.css and (v) extra.css, with (vi) print.css used for printing a page. The stylesheet default.css is a minified version of white.css.

Six active stylesheets might seem rather a lot, but media queries means that browsers choose between stylesheet.css and mobile.css according to the screen width, so only one is loaded at any one time. The other active stylesheets contain styles that apply to all screen widths so there is no point repeating them in stylesheet.css and mobile.css.

Some default styles in white.css and default.css are illustrated here »

Changing the styles

This can be done in two ways by opening the main admin page. Under Styles: is a drop-down list where any of the following can be selected and opened with Get styles:

Whichever stylesheet was selected can then be edited and saved with Update styles. If any of 'Current', 'Default', 'White' or 'Mini' are selected then updated they will be saved as stylesheet.css – the main stylesheet. Editing and updating 'Extra' will only change extra.css – an optional additional stylesheet that can be used if required to add special styles or try things out.

Browsers will read extra.css after the others to enable normal styles to be modified without changing the main stylesheets.

The various #ids and .classes in the page structure allow the layout and design to be almost anything.

New theme

supermicro CMS is installed with the 'White' theme with stylesheet.css for desktops and mobile.css for smaller devices such as mobile phones. As from August 2020, an additional 'Mini' theme can be activated. Read how »

More information about stylesheets (CSS3) at TutorialRepublic »

Page last modified: 16 August, 2020