A Micro Micro CMS


Setup follows installation, which sets the passwords and writes various files required for superMicro CMS to operate. If the script cannot write the required files (due to insufficient server permissions) then the process will proceed no further. If the files are written, a link to the setup page is displayed.

The admin/setup page is used to create the settings file. Until you have run 'install' and 'setup' the system will not work, so do that first.

On the setup page

'Enter as required' contains the following example texts:

  • Menu text for home page: Home Page
  • Name in footer: Josephine Bloggs
  • Alphabetical menu (YES/NO): YES
  • Email address (for contact page if enabled): mail@mydomain.com
  • Your name (for contact page if enabled): Josephine
  • Site name (20 max): My Website

... and if you've uploaded e.php (optional contact page):

  • Contact page introductory text: This form etc...
  • Menu text for contact page (leave blank to hide contact page from menu): Contact

Edit the example text as required then select a language.

Click Submit setup. You should then see "Settings entered" in the green status bar at the top. superMicro CMS is now good to go. Straight 'out of the box' it should look like this »

The texts can be changed by entering new ones and clicking 'Submit setup' again. 'Reset form' restores the current texts and does not submit anything.


The setup page also contains a link for spam control stopwords. If any stopword (one stopword or phrase per line) is submitted in the contact form, the message will not be sent.

Page last modified: 02 March, 2020