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Example only

Admin / Setup automatically creates a settings file: /inc/settings.php particular to each installation. Example settings only:


define('LOCATION', 'https://example.com/');
define('ADMIN', 'admin');
define('APACHE', TRUE);
define('WINDOWS', FALSE); (unused)
define('OPSYS', 'LINUX'); (unused)
define('HOME_LINK', 'Home');
define('NAME', 'Josephine');
define('TRACK_HITS', TRUE);
define('PHP_EXT', FALSE);
define('EMAIL', 'mail@example.com');
define('SITE_NAME', 'My Website');
define('OWN_NAME', 'Josephine');
define('CONTACT_TEXT', 'To get in touch, etc etc ...');
define('CONTACT_MENU', 'Contact');
define('FONT_TYPE', 'google');
define('LANG_ATTR', 'en');
define('VERSION', '3.10'); (unused)


superMicro CMS will not work without it. The file defines a series of CONSTANTS which are required by the system. Each time a new setup is submitted the file is updated.

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Page last modified: 19 December, 2020