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Page structure

The HTML structure for version 3.6 onwards (html, head and body tags omitted for clarity). Version 2 was different and had the 'main' div before the 'nav' div.

<!-- extra-head.php contained in <head> //-->

<div id="wrap">

<!-- extra-body.php //-->
<p id="sitename"><a href="https://example.com/">Site Name</a></p>

Menu links

  <main id="content">
Main content (contains whatever you put in)

<!-- extra-content.php //-->
    If extras enabled
    <div class="extras">

    If comments enabled
    <div class="comments">
If comments

<script src="https:// ... /js/slides.js"></script>

Footer content


Additional HTML and/or PHP scripts can be added manually to extra-head.php, extra-body.php and extra-content.php.

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Page last modified: 04 December, 2020