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superMicro CMS is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP (a scripting language for websites). The system consists of approximately 100 files, mostly PHP files but also text files, stylesheets, images, fonts, and one JavaScript file. The system must be installed on a web server, preferably Apache Web Server but will run on Microsoft IIS. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, it's exactly the same system as used on this website.

Web pages are created by logging in to a password-protected admin 'backend', naming a page, writing content then pressing a button. There is no need to know HTML but it can be written-in to create richer web pages with images, video, lists and 'boxes' to highlight different sections of content.

All content is text-based stored in plain text files. There is no database. This tends to make the pages load faster and makes the website very easy to backup and, if required, move to a new web hosting package and/or domain.

Installation is very simple, requires very little technical knowledge and takes about two minutes. The website is then "all yours" to begin writing web pages. Several hundred can be created with no obvious reduction in speed, perhaps many more.

There is no technical support as such but a large amount of help on how to use the system is provided on the information page. Having said that, if someone is really stuck with something related to the system, I normally try to help, plus I am always interested in feedback.

The final point is that the way the system operates and the PHP files themselves are fairly 'low-level' and simple to understand by anyone reasonably proficient in web technology. In other words, it does not require a professional programmer to make sense of it. This also makes things easy to adapt as fashions change and the technology inevitably moves on. I have tweaked many things over the years since starting this in 2008 but the basic concept is the same. I also use superMicro CMS for my personal website.

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