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Hash a password with salt

Admin password processing for superMicro CMS

Enter your password and salt then press 'Salt & Hash'.

Allowed special characters: $ ! _ % ^ ? * + = @ ~ # [ ] { } ( )

Hashing and salting for passwords

Hashing a password converts it into a long hexadecimal number that is difficult to decode, especially with added salt.

Logging in to a password-protected page is done using the actual password (un-hashed). The system then hashes it and checks that it matches the original [salted and hashed] version. The actual password should always be hard to 'guess' – not a memorable word but a meaningless mix of characters, eg:


Mix upper and lower case letters with numerals and keyboard symbols.

The salt can be a few random characters.

Make sure you have copied and saved (i) the [salted and hashed] password generated by this page, (ii) your original password, and (iii) your 'salt'. The original password is used to login to admin, not the [salted and hashed] version. The [salted and hashed] password and 'salt' are only required when installing.

Improve security

(1) Choose an unguessable password.

(2) Change the name of the /admin/ folder.

(3) Logout of admin after every admin session.

(4) Make sure everything gets backed up.

(5) Run a website as https:// (not http://).

This page applies only to the 'admin' password, not public pages. For password-protecting public pages see passwords »

Page last modified: 29 December, 2020