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English standard texts

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To be translated into Dutch and Italian

TEXT00: "Page last modified:"
TEXT14: "Enter Password"
TEXT17: "You didn't enter your name."
TEXT18: "The name you enter must be two words maximum."
TEXT19: "You didn't enter a valid email address."
TEXT20: "You didn't enter a comment."
TEXT21: "Not sent. Please leave the third box empty."
TEXT22: "Not sent. Please do not submit web addresses."
TEXT23: "Forbidden. You are not authorized."
TEXT24: "Message from"
TEXT25: "From:"
TEXT26: "Sent by"
TEXT27: "Your comment has been submitted, thank you."
TEXT28: "Error. Your comment was not sent."
TEXT48: "Stopwords found."
TEXT29: "Try again."
TEXT30: "Contact"
TEXT31: "Contact form"
TEXT32: "Your name (two words maximum)"
TEXT33: "Your email"
TEXT34: "Submit"
TEXT47: "Edit"
TEXT16: "Search"
TEXT35: "Search Results"
TEXT36: "Search results for"
TEXT37: "match"
TEXT38: "matches"
TEXT40: "Sorry. Nothing found for"
TEXT41: "At least 3 characters."
TEXT42: "pages searched in"
TEXT43: "seconds"
TEXT50: "Comments"
TEXT51: "No comments yet."
TEXT52: "Leave a comment"
TEXT53: "Comments are closed."
TEXT54: "No comments found."

Translate into Dutch and Italian.

Page last modified: 30 December, 2020


I do not speak Dutch or Italian so I would really appreciate someone translating these texts for me. If you can, please let me know by sending me a message with the following form. Thank you.


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