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Visitor comments

From Version 3.5 (Sept 2020)

Visitor comments can be enabled on a page-by-page basis by adding an ampersand symbol & to the first line (Line 1) when creating or editing a page. A button is then added to the bottom of the page. Clicking the button opens the contact page. A visitor can then submit a comment which will be sent by email to the email address in Admin / Setup identifying the relevant page.

The contact page e.php does not need to be visible in the navigation menu but it needs to exist in the root folder. See:

"Menu text for contact page (leave blank to hide contact page from menu)"

in Admin / Setup.

Commenting is deliberately not automated. Comments received by email must be added manually in admin. It should be no great hardship. It's just another way to moderate what is submitted to your website.

Page last modified: 22 September, 2020


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