A Micro CMS

A micro CMS

superMicro CMS

Make a website very very easily. This micro CMS is fast and free. Two minutes to install, then away you go. All yours.

Kept micro since 2008

superMicro CMS is a really simple system in which the content is written to plain text files. There is no MySQL database, just the .txt text files, so the pages are exceptionally fast-loading. No plugins, no JavaScript, no image sliders or other bells and whistles. This is for words, images and video displayed with minimal distraction. Single column content so especially suitable for personal and similar small websites, with an easy admin interface. Some knowledge of HTML and CSS styles is an advantage but not essential.

superMicro CMS supersedes la.plume micro CMS (discontinued in 2019).

This micro CMS is built with HTML 5 and simple PHP scripting, tested error-free.

Patrick Taylor

Page last modified: 26 February, 2020